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Recent Posts

The Hypocrisy of the Anti-Choice Zealots’ Zero Tolerance Policy July 1st, 2018

By: Jane Forman, Guest Blogger Children are being torn from their families, put in cages, and left uncertain if and when they’ll see their parents again. This is the reality for over 2,000 immigrant children as a result of Trump’s zero-tolerance policy which began in May, and for months before as a part of a  … Read more

Our Resistance & former Attorney General Schneiderman  May 11th, 2018

Dear Friends, Many New Yorkers are still reeling from the news story that broke on Monday. Four women are accusing now former NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of violence and abuse. It is hard to reconcile that the described actions and accusations can be attributed to the same person that inspired many of us and  … Read more

The Practices of Anti-Choice Crisis Centers Aren’t Just Misleading, They’re Unconstitutional May 11th, 2018

The existence of anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers that disguise themselves as real clinics is already deeply unsettling. However, a recent Rewire article sheds light on something even more appalling: some of these centers in North Carolina are using federal money to buy programs that spread misinformation about abortion and promote Christianity.[1] The program in question  … Read more